Lamb-Star Engineering has been very responsive in answering questions and providing technical opinions on project survey matters.
– Michael Oleson - CDM, Inc.
  • Alternative Project Delivery

    Lamb-Star provides Alternative Project Delivery Services through a team experienced in coordinating with legal and financial resources as well as contractors to structure Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurements. The team understands the many potential hurdles to creating a clear understanding of PPP’s and working with project owners and stakeholders to further public understanding of the PPP process and its benefits.

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  • Construction Services

    Highly qualified, motivated, and focused on making our clients’ projects successful. Lamb-Star ensures that we provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective construction services. Our professional construction staff has successfully completed projects that include:

    • Routine maintenance
    • Complete reconstruction of major urban tollways and interstates
    • Expansion of all functional classes of roadways
    • Unique bridge construction projects
    • Multi-level interchanges

    While maintaining project schedule and budget, we streamline our processes and adapt to changing conditions. Our team’s success is measured by client satisfaction.

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  • Design & Engineering

    Lamb-Star’s process emphasizes client involvement, efficient project completion, and innovative solutions to budget constraints. We pride ourselves in our ability to creatively and efficiently solve complex problems.

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  • Land Surveying

    Equipped with staff of Registered Professional Land Surveyors, Survey Technicians, and up to 6 full-time field crews, Lamb-Star provides comprehensive land surveying services.

    We have extensive experience in laser scanning, traditional survey, GPS, and even large, complex ROW projects. Our staff is perpetually involved in continuing education so that we stay on top of current trends and advances in technology. We use state-of-the-art equipment only.

    Both in the field and at post-processing, we’re most proud of our efficiency and experience. We stand out because of our dedication. No matter the project, we will achieve success within budget and exceed expectations.

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  • Laser Scanning

    Often referred to as High Definition Surveying (HDS) or Terrestrial LiDAR, Laser Scanning is a state-of-the-art technology that allows users to remotely collect large amounts of accurate data that would normally be difficult or impossible to collect by conventional survey means. Laser Scanning provides a safe alternative to surveying in active work zones such as roadways and airports or elevated objects, such as bridges, buildings and material stockpiles.

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  • Non-Destructive Evaluation

    Expertise, experience, and relentless attention to detail. Lamb-Star has mastered bridges, sign structures, traffic signals, high mast lights, and ancillary item fabrication. We identify, evaluate, and resolve issues with creative solutions. Lamb-Star inspection focuses on fabrication issues that may have been overlooked by other cursory inspections. Our Written Practice and Quality Assurance Program achieves a level of quality that gains our clients national recognition, and we want to do even more.

    • ASNT Nondestructive Evaluation
    • ANSI/AASHTO/AWS Quality Assurance steel inspection
    • NACE Certified Coating inspections

    We have the resources, and we adjust our tools to optimize each task. Lamb-Star places first priority on clients’ needs and we strive to achieve the highest quality possible. Always.

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  • Utilities

    Lamb-Star’s Utilities process, when used during the early stages of design or construction, can minimize the impact existing underground utilities have on proposed improvements, saving both time and money for designers, contractors and owners. Lamb-Star follows the CA/ASCE 38-02 (Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data) and has developed internal processes to help clients manage risks associated with underground utilities.

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