Alternative Project Delivery

The staff of Lamb-Star continues to provide me with high quality, on-time and reliable NDE services. Given a choice, they would be my only source for these services.
– James Curfman - Jacobs Engineering, Inc.

Lamb-Star coordinates with legal and financial resources, as well as contractors to structure Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurements. This helps us develop fair and balanced contracts with appropriate risk allocation and gives Lamb-Star a unique perspective of the entire PPP structure.

We gain a major edge from our ability to utilize internal resources. We develop a program of services that meet the particular needs of every project and build a unique team to meets them. Our staff supports traditional project financing and effectively evaluates different costs to provide development alternatives.

The Lamb-Star team can manage entire programs and individual projects. All activities can be thoroughly managed and maintained by one source, or we can equally integrate into a larger management team for larger projects.

Alternative Project Delivery services include:

  • Quality control, quality assurance for design and construction
  • PPP procurement documents (from design-build to full concession)
  • Life-cycle maintenance program solutions
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Construction management and cost controls
  • Value engineering
  • Project scheduling
  • Program and project management
  • Procurement services
  • Project development and life-cycle maintenance cost estimating
  • Preliminary and final design