In-Service Structure Inspection

From inspection of steel bridge structures to ancillary highway structures, our full-time lead inspectors have conducted thousands of inspections. Lamb-Star has developed unique non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques for the effective evaluation and inspection of in-service structures. These techniques are exclusive to Lamb-Star Engineering.

Our experience has shown that we identify defects early in their development so cost-effective repairs can be made. Lamb-Star inspectors perform repairs and preventative maintenance to extend the service life of the structure. Our non-destructive testing techniques provide the ability to identify fatigue fracture years before traditional NDT methods which allows clients to manage their assets according to budgetary constraints. We customize our inspection approach to meet individual client needs.

In-Service Structure Inspection services include:

  • Proven, exclusive NDT techniques
  • On-site structure repairs and maintenance
  • Exceptional technical strengths
  • Certified in Ultrasonic Impact Treatment
  • Ability to identify sub-visual, sub-surface defects

Steel Fabrication Inspection

Equipped with experience and a relentless attention to detail, Lamb-Star has mastered bridges, sign structures, traffic signals, high mast lights and ancillary item fabrication. We identify, evaluate and resolve issues with creative solutions.

Lamb-Star inspection focuses on fabrication issues that may have been overlooked by other cursory inspections. Our Written Practice and Quality Assurance Program achieves a level of quality that gains our clients national recognition, and we want to do even more.
We have the resources, and we adjust our tools to optimize each task, placing first priority on clients’ needs striving to achieve the highest quality possible. Always.

Steel Fabrication Inspection services include:

  • NACE certified coating inspections
  • ASNT non-destructive evaluation
  • ANSI/AASHTO/AWS quality assurance steel inspection


Registration #: 10048300
Texas Department of Transportation: #55875

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